“Our Vision is
to create an educated and empowered India.”


 At ACO, it’s our constant endeavor to connect less fortunate children constrained by their financial status with sponsors, for each child’s educational needs. Thus, ACO acts as a platform through which love, care and responsibility are shared between the needy child and the benevolent sponsor. We’re calling this concept – Adopt Child Online (ACO); wherein you’re funding the child’s educational needs - online, while the child can continue to live where he is – be it with his parents, an Orphanage, a Government Hostel, etc.

     Sponsoring education to an underprivileged child is considered as a divine task. By doing so, you’re not only adopting a child, you’re making a remarkable difference in a child’s life – by freeing them of their financial constraints that come in their way of getting good education. 

     With you, a poor child is not poor any more, an underprivileged is not underprivileged any more – This can become a reality, and it needs your contribution. 

     You have an opportunity to make a difference, be an exemplary human- Kindly Contribute your part to bring this vision to fruition!


 "If you think YOU can, you are RIGHT"

To know more about this concept, Please go through our concept paper. This concept paper explains the motive behind the formation of ACO and describes how this concept will go on to transform the lives of underprivileged children.