“Our Vision is
to create an educated and empowered India.”

Your sponsorship to an underprivileged child is considered as a divine task. By doing so, you’re not only sponsoring a child’s education, you’re making a remarkable difference in a child’s life by freeing them of their financial constraints that come in their way of getting good education.

ACO is currently looking for sponsors for about 25 children who are part of a project called "Adopt A Mandal".

Adopt A Mandal, an initiative of ACO (Adopt Child Online, a non-profit organization established in 2010 to educate the poor and meritorious children), is to encourage and empower bright S.S.C. students from Zilla Parishad High Schools of an identified Mandal by providing them necessary financial support for their Intermediate education.

Why Adopt A Mandal project?

The objective of the project is to create a system for bright young children of rural India, who otherwise discontinue their education due to poor socio-economic background, to become Engineers, Doctors and other professionals. The goal of the program is to identify such bright students from all the ZP High Schools of the adopted Mandal and provide the necessary financial assistance for their Intermediate education.
Why Intermediate Education?

It has been observed that many bright students discontinue their education after completing S.S.C. due to poor financial background, in spite of having the ability to study and achieve professional degrees. Intermediate education is crucial as it involves appearing for competitive entrance examinations like EAMCET and IIT-JEE. Hence, we are focusing on providing Intermediate education in a good, credible and established college. Our target is to encourage the children to perform well in intermediate as well as the competitive exams. A good performance at this level will help them in getting an admission into a good college where they can access a world of opportunities and build a good professional career for themselves. We strongly believe this would transform the life of the child as well as the family and will act as a catalyst to improve the education in the school and the village as well.

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