“Our Vision is
to create an educated and empowered India.”

    This is how you can support ACO – There are different ways you could support ACO, but here are a few where you can make a big difference. Sponsoring the child Education :

     Sponsoring one or more children education by funding the child to join a better school. You can also help the child by sponsoring vocational trainings. All these are to make sure a child to become a better citizen.

Monthly sponsorship to ACO:

     You can donate monthly some amount to ACO (Rs 100/- for example), so that it will provide ACO with enough corpus fund to handle any crisis situation. Donation:

     You can donate certain amount of cash to ACO, which ACO will use to help the children with necessities and use the amount as corpus fund to help the children in case if they do not get any sponsors. This is also can be used for sponsorship.

Gifts to children :

     You can provide the child with necessary material or gifts as and when you feel like giving (for any of the events like birthday, Independence Day or any such events). However it is mandatory to inform ACO whenever the person is going to contact the children for any such events.

Funding for a cause:

     You can fund one of the causes that ACO is in need of. One such cause can be web designing or buying server space in web or development. The can be sponsoring ACO team trip to required locations for joining children to schools or for one of the fund raising events.