“Our Vision is
to create an educated and empowered India.”

     ACO does not want any child to put an end to their education or lose opportunities because they are poor. There is a lot of wealth in the world and there are a lot of wealthy people who have a strong heart and desire to help the indigent. Part of their wealth should reach the underprivileged children for their welfare/education. Education in turn will help them to become a responsible future citizen with confidence and wisdom. But many of the people who want to contribute don't have a clue as to how they can help. There should be a platform to make that happen. ACO - "Adopt Child Online" is such a platform.

     ACO strongly believes Education plays a major part in eradicating the poverty in India. Considering the urgent need of action rather than debate led us to establish ACO. ACO is a non-political, non-profit organization which provides a platform for people to sponsor children online for their education and hence gifting them a bright future

     ACO has 5 chapters - Nijamabad, Hyderabad, Vishakhapatnam, Nalgonda and Guntur. Around 30 children from these areas are being educated and empowered by ACO.