“Our Vision is
to create an educated and empowered India.”

Donate books to ACO which helps us to raise money by selling them online.

     This is to help ACO with some cash flow in order to sustain its operations from any adverse situations. We collect un-used books from people who want to donate to ACO and sell it at much cheaper price who need those books. It still has to be discussed if we sell through e-commerce or by arranging a book show.

     Here, volunteers can help ACO with books and hence able to contribute to the organization financially. We can put-up with book show in the schools using child volunteers who got benefited from the organization/who would like to contribute to ACO and hence will be able to contribute to ACO directly and feel part of ACO.

The following can be the ways of selling the books in order to raise money for ACO

• ACO website can be used to display list of the books and whoever want to buy can order it and we can courier    the book on-time.
• Book show in apartments/offices
• Book show in schools with school permission

Very soon ACO website will be updated with books list, where you can purchase and help ACO to get some backup fund.