"Our Vision is
to create an educated and empowered India."

    "ACO (Adopt Child Online) is a non-profit, non-political organization run by Young and Energetic individuals. ACO is dedicated to enable impoverished children by providing education to them and training them into responsible citizens with intellect and wisdom."


     "ACO’s vision is to educate and empower India by supporting dreams of impoverished children with the help of people who share this common goal."

     We believe the Right to Education belongs to everyone, big or small, and as a group of committed individuals we want to ensure that dreams are not left unfulfilled. ACO will make this happen by acting as an interface between the supporting individuals and the children.


Strive to Educate and empower the less fortunate children of India.

     Imagine a nation with all its children educated. Imagine a nation with all hands helping to build it. Imagine a nation with a wealth of character - Be it our motherland India.

Approach to achieve this Mission and Vision of ACO:

The Starfish Story – Make "A Difference" Today!

Upon hearing the following inspiring story, we were convinced that little steps now will yield big results later. This acted as a trigger for the ACO Concept.

 Loren Eiseley, while writing his book ” The Unexpected Universe”, was walking early one morning along the ocean side in Costabel. It was shortly after a storm had subsided and as he continued walking, he noticed that thousands of starfish had been washed up on the beach. Ahead of him was a gigantic rainbow of incredible perfection shimmering into existence. At the base of the rainbow stooped a little boy, gazing fixedly at an object in the sand. Eventually, he flung the object far beyond the breaking surf.

 Eiseley went up to him and asked, "Son, what are you doing?" The little boy answered, "I'm throwing starfish back into the sea because if I don't they're going to die." "But there are thousands of starfish. In the larger scheme of things you're not going to make much of a difference to all these starfish." The little boy looked up at him, stooped down again to pick up another starfish and, gently but quickly, flung it back into the ocean. "It's going to make a big difference to that one" he replied.

 Eiseley was embarrassed, uncomfortable with the contrast of the little boy's youthful, innocent love for the living with his own hardened, "mature" indifference to death. He had nothing to say and left, continuing to walk on the beach but unable to get the picture of the little boy out of his mind. It was a moment of truth for Eiseley, of deep soul searching and self-confrontation. In time, he returned to the star thrower, silently picked up a starfish and spun it far out into the waves. "I understand." he said quietly. "Call me another thrower." Together, still under the hues of the rainbow, they spent hours throwing starfish back into the ocean. It was a task not assumed lightly, for it was men as well as starfish they sought to save, sensing intuitively that man cannot exist spiritually without life.

 The same way a sponsor may not be able to make a big difference to the world by sponsoring one child. However he/she would be able to make a difference to that one child’s life. With ACO, the difference we can make together will transform lives of underprivileged children. Not surprisingly we all together can make a difference to the world. Be a part in transforming this world into a better place.


Make "A Difference" Today!
If you think YOU can, you are RIGHT.