“Our Vision is
to create an educated and empowered India.”

   ACO (Adopt Child Online) is a concept based on the necessity to change the future of poor children. We sponsor children based on their need for living and education and help them get educated in better schools.

     The primary motive of ACO is to see to it that a child is not denied the right to education because he/she is poor. ACO identifies children who deserve better education but are denied due to their economic conditions and gets them sponsored by compassionate individuals ready to part with their excess wealth for the benefit of the poor. ACO acts as an interface between the children and the sponsors.

     Many individuals are willing to sponsor one or more children and help them get better education. However, for a willing sponsor transparency is as important as donation itself. There is ample scope for such a model to flourish given that ACO offers a transparent mechanism. So, there is a need for simple, accessible, reliable and transparent system which chooses the right children, sends them to good schools and continuously follows-up with their progress and provides updates to the sponsor. ACO is such organization that ensures this efficiency and transparency and possibilities to the Sponsors and Children.

      So, here we are as ACO -- "You Adopt, We Care." ACO acts as an interface between sponsor and the child. We will provide an environment for transparency of funding and direct access to the adopted child.